Design PI-22 (Pilot boat)

Main dimensions
Ship type and general description

Architectural and structural type – single-hull twin-screw boat with a steel hull, with a single-tiered wheelhouse made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, located in the middle of the vessel, with a tiltable mast made of AlMg and a central location of the engine compartment. To improve seaworthiness and stability, trim tabs are provided in the stern. The vessel does not undertake international voyages. In terms of radio communication equipment, it corresponds to the sea area A1. The boat meets the requirements of the Rules for the Classification and Construction of Sea Vessels of RS in terms of vessel operation in icy conditions, corresponding to the class symbol Iсe2, the navigation area R2-RSN, and the degree of automation AUT 3.

Purpose of the ship

The multipurpose boat is designed to perform the functions of a service-travel and work boat, a boat for boarding commissions, ship crews, and special personnel (no more than 12 people), transporting goods weighing up to 0.5 tons, a patrol boat for inspection and ecological monitoring of waters, as well as with the ability to perform the functions of a pilot boat.

Area and operating conditions

Operating conditions – year-round operation in non-freezing seas and light ice, corresponding to the ice class Iсe 2 in non-Arctic seas.

Rules and regulatory documents

The vessel complies with the requirements of the Rules of the Register of Shipping and the Register of Shipping for High Speed Vessels, requirements of international conventions for vessels of this type. Sanitary Rules and safety requirements.

Ship class
Building information

One vessel of this design has been built

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