The hovercrafts are technically complex designs that require a special approach and in-depth knowledge in various fields of technical sciences. We are proud of the fact that our design bureau has a team of experienced ship engineers and employees with academic titles and degrees in technical sciences. It is thanks to this specialized education and many years of experience that we are able to successfully implement hovercraft projects.

One of the key features of the hovercraft design is the need for additional research and development work. This is required in order to understand the complexities and peculiarities of working with this type of vessel and to develop optimal solutions for its design and operation.

Amphibious hovercraft, project ACV-20

Our design bureau has extensive experience and know-how in hovercraft development. We carefully consider every aspect of a design, from hydrodynamic performance and aerodynamics to the safety, handling and efficiency of the vessel. We carefully analyze and optimize shape, dimensions and materials to achieve the best performance and maximum customer satisfaction.

Amphibious hovercraft, project ACV-20

The Hovercraft are in demand in various fields, such as passenger and cargo transportation, rescue operations, research and many others. However, due to its complexity, only a very small number of design bureaus have sufficient experience and qualifications to carry out such designs.

Our design bureau is the only one in Ukraine that has engineers and scientists specialized in the field of design of vessels with dynamic principles of support. Therefore, we are able to fulfill any design work related to hovercrafts.

A list of work that can be performed for the customer:

  1. Development and coordination with the customer of conceptual and preliminary designs of hovercrafts;
  2. Development and coordination of classification projects of hovercrafts in classification societies;
  3. Development of lists of main equipment and initial technical requirements for its purchase;
  4. Development of shipyard working documentation for hovercraft construction and delivery to the customer;
  5. Operational documentation for hovercraft (ship set of documents);
  6. Information authoring support of the shipyard during the hovercraft construction period.
  7. Design of special devices for hovercraft (flexible skirt, air propeller nozzles, air rudders, jet thrusters, air cushion blowers);
  8. Development of test programs for the vessel and its flexible skirt;
  9. Research and development and experimental design work.
Building process of the icebreaking hovercraft platform of ACV-55IB project

In addition, we can perform works on modernization of hovercraft or its individual elements.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for hovercraft development, contact us. We are ready to take up the challenge and offer you innovative and efficient solutions to meet your needs and the requirements of today’s marine industry.