Special ship devices are an important part of the equipment of modern ships. They ensure safe loading and unloading of cargo, lifting and lowering of ship structures. Our design bureau has extensive experience in Designing special ship devices.

Placement of tugs in the ship's hold

The ramps are designed to connect the shore and the ship, providing convenient and safe passage of people, cargo and wheeled vehicles. We design ramps of various types. We take into account the peculiarities of their use on different types of vessels – ferries, cruise liners. Our designers optimally select materials, ensure strength and durability of structures.

Fastening devices are designed to securely fix oversized and heavy cargoes on deck during sea transportation. We design various securing systems taking into account the weight and dimensions of the transported cargo and the specifics of the vessel on which the transport will be carried out.

For loading or unloading of oversized cargoes, it is necessary to design special fixtures and devices, such as traverses. Our engineers are experienced in the creation of such devices and apply advanced methods in the design and calculation of special devices.

The superstructure and platform lifting devices make it possible to raise and lower individual ship structures relative to the main hull as required. This may be necessary, for example, to reduce the height of the vessel when passing under bridges. Wheelhouse lifting devices allow the position of the wheelhouses to be adjusted to improve visibility from the bridge, depending on the sailing conditions. We design such devices taking into account the design features of the vessel, the area and conditions of its operation. They are characterised by high reliability and durability.

Our engineers have extensive experience in Designing special ship devices. We use advanced technologies, modern materials and software to create reliable, durable and user-friendly designs. Contact our design office for Designing special ship devices of any complexity!